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From the first live broadcast of The Car Guy Show in 1995 at the ABC-affliate NewsTalk 1250 KTMS in Santa Barbara to the 50,000 watt live broadcast of the show and nationwide Internet webcasting from of Detroit in 1999, the programming into 2013 brings the same teamwork and camaraderie that has earned the show multiple national media awards.  Yet most important in the original ingredients in the fresh and authentic approach to celebrating the professional and enthusiast realms of the world of wheels is that the show has gained the respect of the most important audience: genuine car enthusiasts and industry professionals.

While road tests and related content on the topics of "what's new" in the automotive world are available in cubic volumes across the Internet and from dozens of outstanding automotive, transportation and environment-related media sources, The Car Guy Show captures the eclectic range of topics of history, biographies, expert interviews on emerging transportation and enthusiast trends and advancements in the industry's most dramatic period in a century.


After more than a century of automobile production, four wheels, a suspension, brakes and a powertrain are still the common denominators of either the simplest or most advanced vehicles on the planet.  Whether you consider a 1972 Ferrari Daytona one of the premier machines of the past one hundred years, or maybe BMW M3, a 1915 Ford Model T or a L88 427 Corvette, there are certainly a lot of opinions in the car community about the "best cars ever built." 

While the debates continue about what makes a stand-out vehicle from any era of the past or present, if you've read this far into this topic and you consider yourself a genuine car guy, then your opinion here matters.  As part of future audio programming, we will wrap a series of conversations about what the benchmarks are that define the best success of the international automotive industry.  Please use the feedback link below to express your viewpoint on what is or are the best vehicles in your opinion.
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